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As Fast As Words Could Fly was chosen by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation for their literacy website: Storyline Online. Watch actor, Dulé Hill read my book!

2019 Mom's Choice Award Gold

Published by Mascot Books

Illustrated by award-winning illustrator,

Tiffani J. Smith

2007 New Voices Award Winner

Published by Lee & Low Books

Illustrated by award-winning illustrator,

Eric Velasquez

"This well-crafted tale would be an excellent complement to overviews of the Civil Rights Movement." (School Library Journal)

"Told from a personal viewpoint and appended with a powerful author's note, this is a story to share across generations." (Booklist)

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Color Struck received the
Flamingnet Top Choice Award
July 28, 2011!

"I wish I could've read Color Struck by a fireplace because you escape right into the book when "listening" to Grandma Bell tell her story. This was one of the most emotionally-charged books I've read."
(Urban Reviews)

"The Tucks have brought a story of healing and forgiving. I recommend this book for young adults. They will get to learn a little of how African Americans struggled within their own community. And see how far we have come and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes."
(APOOO BookClub)



Chosen as a "No Place for Hate" book by Pine Forge Elementary
(2012-2013 school year)


Book Summary: Judah Tuck has ten siblings, and he's on a mission to give the old woman who lives in a shoe some advice on how to manage a large family! Although a typical day in the Tuck family may contain some chaos, Judah and his siblings find a way to pull things together before Daddy comes home. Join Mom, Judah, and his brothers and sisters as they work through the day. . . and learn what family is truly all about.


Book Summary: Fourteen-year-old Mason Steele takes pride in turning his Pa's excited ramblings about the latest civil rights incidents into handwritten business letters. One day, Pa brings Mason a gift from his civil rights group:  an old manual typewriter that Mason cherishes.

When the civil rights group wins a school desegregation case, Mason discovers that he will attend a formerly all-white high school. Facing his fears and adversity from students and faculty, Mason excels in school -- particularly in typing. Mason bravely takes a stand at the county typing tournament, using his typing talent to break racial barriers.

This story is based on the life of Pamela's father, Moses Teel, Jr.

Moses Teel Jr. around the same age as Mason in 
As Fast As Words Could Fly

Want to find out the "truths" behind the character, Mason?

Click Here to read a moving interview with my dad, Moses Teel, Jr.

(A voice from the Civil Rights Movement)


Book Summary: "A deathbed shouldn't be the peacemaker in this family." 

Fifteen-year-old Renee Steele never understood what PaPa's words meant until she's caught in the middle of a growing battle between her two older cousins. Their clashing attitudes regarding skin tone, trigger a sensitive nerve in their Grandma Bell. As tension mounts between the three girls, Grandma Bell detects trouble returning from the grave. She's determined to stop it. Grandma Bell's narrative takes the girls back in time to uncover a hidden family secret. Her narrative begins with her forbidden courtship with PaPa, "Buck Steele", because their fathers are archenemies. After eloping, the newlyweds are forced to live with Buck's parents, Silas and Emma because of a lack of money. Grandma Bell's newlywed dreams turn into her worst nightmare, as she begins her married life as the despised dark-skinned daughter-in-law. Her presence does more than anger her in-laws . . . it haunts them!


Book Summary: Sheldon is a tall mushroom surrounded by beautiful flowers that flaunt their vivid colors and lively fragrances. The bugs of the field ignore Sheldon as they visit the flowers and enjoy themselves dancing and singing. Sheldon feels extremely lonely until the day it rains . . . and he becomes a hero. 


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Tips on Script Writing
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