Once, a tall mushroom named Sheldon lived in an extensive field full of beautiful wildflowers. Sheldon was very sad because there weren’t many mushrooms around and his only company was a set of flowers called the Flower Girls. 

With their bright colors of red, yellow, pink and purple, they were very, very pretty and smelled quite sweet. They often teased Sheldon about being so plain and brown, and not having a pleasant smell.


The Flower Girls had little bug friends who traveled from their homes to visit them. To make matters worse, the little bugs passed by Sheldon without even saying hello. They were more excited by the pretty colors and lively fragrances of the Flower Girls.

During noonday, when the sun smiled so brightly over the field, the Flower Girls sang their favorite song, as the little bugs gathered around.

"Pretty are we, pretty are we;
With our colors for all to see.

Bright and beautiful all day long;
Singing our pretty Flower Girls' song."

The Flower Girls and the little bugs enjoyed themselves dancing and singing, while poor Sheldon felt all alone.


When evening came, the little bugs hurried past Sheldon, returning home, without even saying good-bye. Ignoring Sheldon a final time for the day, the Flower Girls closed their petals for the night. Sheldon felt so terribly alone and sad, he started to cry.

Knowing that everyone was asleep, he sang a little song to himself.

"I'm a tall mushroom so plain and brown;
With bugs and flowers all around.
Stuck in a field all day long;
Singing my sad mushroom song."

Sheldon then closed his teary eyes for the night.

 Copyright 2010-2013 Pamela & Joel Tuck. All rights reserved.



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