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I love meeting and engaging with young students to inspire them about writing. Since my jump-start into writing began with winning my first poetry contest in elementary school, I'd love to share my journey of inspiration, failure, determination, and success. Students are always interested to know where ideas come from. I have little tips on how they can generate their own stories from family events, pictures, words, phrases, and their favorite books. Plus, it's always a bonus to meet a real live author, who is as down-to-earth as they are, and who can prove that the keys to becoming a successful writer begins just where they are -- in school.

As Fast As Words Could Fly in the Classroom:

Set in 1960s Greenville, NC, this book is full of historical, social justice, and human themes, which are outlined in a downloadable teacher's guide annotated for the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.

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Color Struck in the Classroom or Book Club:

The principles of "colorism" (prejudice within the same ethnic group based on skin tone) are exposed in this moving story of family, struggle and forgiveness. Used as a tool in classrooms to teach acceptance of others and the value of recognizing self-worth. Downloadable teaching/discussion guide.

If you'd like to schedule me for a visit to your school or library, the fastest way to contact me is by email. 

My presentations are fun and interactive.  I use PowerPoint presentations to share my writing journey and how I came up with the ideas for my books. I talk to children about how to use family stories, silly ideas, pictures, and favorite books to inspire them to write their own stories. I generally share one of my books during the presentation and leave a space for questions at the end. I've also done mini-writing workshops for groups who may have already read the book and prefer more information on writing tips and inspiration. The length of my presentations vary and can be designed to fit various themes and/or requests of organizer.

Current fees listed below.


In-person Author Visits
Nepris (Virtual) Author Visit
Portrait drawn by student during Nepris Visit - Thanks Audrey


Author Visit:

  • 1/2 day: $500.00  (Two 45-minute sessions)
  • Full day: $1,000.00 ( Four - 45-minute sessions)

Classroom/Group Writing Workshop:

  • 45 minutes: $350.00

Virtual Author Visits 

  • Up to 45 minutes: $75.00
  • 60 minutes: $100.00

If you prefer to pay online for a virtual author visit, please select the duration of the visit and click the Add to Cart button below:

Virtual Author Visit

 You can order a class set of books at discounted rates through:

Lee & Low Books OR Teaching for Change's Bookstore

If my author visit prices won't fit your school budget, Please feel free to email me—I'm sure we can work something out!

Also, you may want to take a look at the following:

Finding Funding for School Visits

For Out-of-State School Visits: Other travel expenses may apply
(gas, tolls, hotel, meals, airfare)

Honorarium and travel expenses (if applicable) are due on the day of my visit.

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