Recently the author came to my school and shared the book with a group of 30 toddlers. I have never seen my children sit so quietly for a story. The music and the different voices on the cd captured their attention.I got the book for my classroom and I can't wait to play it again. This book is great for any young children, for the toddlers it gives you a chance to share a longer story while still holding their attention. For children 3 and up it is an enjoyable book that teaches them a great lesson about being kind to others. I would definitely recommend this book!
-Sarah Elphick

My three-year-old daughter kept talking about Sheldon the Mushroom, and I realized that this was a book her daycare had. I once picked her up when the class was reading the book - the kids were completely captivated and knew the words to the songs by heart! This is their favorite book by far: their teachers said they read it to them every day (by request!). I bought it for my daughter so we'd have it at home, and as I contacted Pamela Tuck (the author) herself to get the CD, she was incredibly nice and very personable. Not only is it a great story with an important moral that kids are crazy about, but the people behind it are class acts!

This book is very well written and illustrated. The music, songs, and sound effects really capture your attention. It teaches children in a very creative and entertaining way how to be kind to others. I highly recommend this book and CD.

The Adventure of Sheldon, the Mushroom is a nice little story, with a great moral behind it. Its beautifully illustrated pictures demonstrate somewhat of what may take place in some children's lives. The professionally recorded C D and cute little songs are an asset to this book. It is a good way to start young children out, learning how to treat one another. I must say, it takes a lot of courage to be a Sheldon. It is a good children's book. Yes! I would recommend this book to every child and parent as well.

The book is very easy to understand, and gives you a lesson on

how to be kind to everybody. The voices on the CD are very clear

and the singing and music kept everyone on their toes.

-Kid's Review

I purchased The Adventure of Sheldon, The Mushroom for my son and he absolutely enjoyed it. As parents, we look for books that are fun to read,have good morals and inspirational messages that teach us and our children the true meaning of how and why we should be kind to others and why we should help others. This book helped teach my son and my family a priceless value and I would recommend it to every child and adult.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book to my children. The moral of the story was superbly presented and especially poignant in today's cultural environment. I think everyone, particularly children, will be encouraged by the emphasis on personal worth for WHO we are and how we can serve our fellow man and NOT our physical appearance. The artwork was absolutely stellar. A WONDERFUL read for all. I can't wait to see more from this author.
-Wendy Whitehurst


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