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 3/24/17  Inspired to write this piece after reading book and interviewing Pamela Tuck, author of Color Struck

Ode to Color Struck

Look inside yourself renew your mind

Search your eternal soul

Tender love can be found

Dare to make you whole

Rainbow colors embrace

Put them in life’s bowl

Awkward it might seem at first

Go ahead throw in a troll

Skin tones all shades

Appreciate differences they make

Time for a wake-up call

Can’t tell how long it’ll take

Realize time is ticking away

Don’t be foolish cause big mistake

Someone lighter little darker disliked

Relationships at stake


Acknowledge secretive things

Make you wanna hate

Another human skin tone like you

Light-dark shades control your fate

Remember bad seeds you sow

Wish you had ate

There is hope confess it now

Later procrastinate

Listen up anyone color struck

Here are good lessons learn

Life is short Be careful Be wise  

Choose love Forgive Sojourn

Others treat like you wanna be treated

Give respect respect earn

God’s children all shades skin tones one day

To Him will return


(Ruth Council, host KAR Radio Book Club - Winterville, NC)

Quoting Robert Frost, "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words". Well, in regards to your book, "As Fast As Words Could Fly" - here's on...

As Fast As Words

Could Fly

Transform as do

A butterfly

Lives of people

That testify

This story resonate

To amplify

Bravery undenied

To Identify

How three brothers

of color defy

Odds against them


Truths told

You cannot deny.


Your strength

imply greatness

What a purposeful


God's will

You fulfill

You justify

What others use

For an



(Ruth Council, host KAR Radio Book Club - Winterville, NC)

 I am the 5th grade teacher you met at last Saturday's book fair. I read Color Struck this morning and I must say that is an absolutely masterful narrative. From a teacher's point of view, this book is a treasure trove. I view the book as an excellent Common Core resource, and I'm looking forward to building a novel study unit around it. As a reader, I found so many familiar connections to many of the characters, and the flow of the narrative itself, wow! I became emotional at numerous points in the story. I've spoken to the literacy team at our elementary school, and we'll be looking to arrange author visits in the near future. Thank you for such a beautiful novel, have a wonderful evening.

                                                                        Jerry (Lansdale, PA)

Hello, I hope you remember me, I met you at the African American Book Fair in Philadelphia on 2/1/14 and purchased the book Color Struck from you. You told me to email you once I finished the book to find out what was fiction and what was fact. I must say that book was really good it had me in tears at times. I felt so bad for Bell and really disliked those Steeles. I thought Buck was a wonderful husband towards Bell, but I also thought he could have stood up more for his wife . . . I am passing this book along to other friends of mine because I think everyone should sit down and read this book it was so much truth in there about how skin color plays a role in peoples lives and it still happens today which is crazy but true.

                                                                      Mona (Philadelphia, PA)

I enjoyed your new book, "As Fast As Words Could Fly"! I hated when I turned that last page. If I could tip my hat to Mason and his brothers for their bravery in entering into an all white high school, I would, also Mason for his excellency in his typing skills. It was wonderful how he stayed focused even with all the tension. I am amazed that his skills were acknowledged, and that he was given the opportunity to enter into the contest. Some would have overlooked him and accepted the next best. I can imagine how they felt, since I experienced similar situations in my school days, only it was a different scenario.

                                                                       Joann (Dover, DE)

As Fast As Words Could Fly is a wonderful and heartwarming story of courage and triumph. At 14 Mason had experience writing business letters for his father's Civil Rights group, but no experience when he had to live some of what he wrote about. He didn't give in to his fears. Confidence in himself and his ability kept Mason focused on the challenges ahead. Eric Velasquez's dramatic illustrations add a powerful impact to the story. I loved this book and recommend it highly. Pamela Tuck is truly a great, inspirational writer and storyteller. I look forward (anxiously) to more from her.

                                                                                               Pearl (MD)

A few minutes ago I read the last page of "Color Struck". I did not stop until I finished reading. I had to take a moment to exhale and wipe away tears. What a powerful piece of writing! There were [reflections] of my early childhood with a sister who was a few shades lighter than me. My mother's death, when I was 22 months, began my journey wrapped in dark skin. My caregiver, my mother's former stepmother, took the two of us when my mother died. She decided to give my sister away to a couple, light skin wife  & dark skin husband, in our rural community. I suffered a second loss. None of this stings as much as being told a few days later, "I shoulda gave you away and kept your sister cause you too dark." I was four years old.  That night I sat in that number three tub and tried to scrub the black off my skin. It didn't work. Your book is timely and I am thankful to have found it in my search for literature for African American children.

Thank you for addressing an issue that still impacts some children (and adult) lives. I look forward to reading more of your books. Please consider sending notification and if possible, a copy for us to share in our column. I teach a children's literature course at Marygrove College where I'm Coordinator of the Graduate Reading Program. Your book will be required reading this Fall!
                                                                                  Vivian (Detroit, MI)

Greetings! I am a fellow Author myself & have recently read your book Color Struck.......WOW!!! The amount of Real Knowledge one can gain by reading this Novel is Amazing! I looked forward to reading it every night until I finished it. You have reflected on a subject that has been "hushed" in today's modern society but does still sadly exist. I liked the way you told the story thru the eyes of different people to reflect the Complete Story. I also find your Website to be very well organized & informative. These Young Children these days NEED to read & hear stories like these to let them get a better understanding of Prejudice in our communities. This book should be offered as Standard Fare in Every Schools List of Must-Read Books! God Bless you & your Husband to achieve Great Success!!!

   Jay Brown, Author of "Heaven or Hell: Growing Up as a Youth in America 

Katie age 6, visits us from time to time with her grandparents. I gave her "The Adventure of Sheldon the Mushroom" to read, but at that time she was too young and could not read, so I let her listen to the CD and look at the pictures in the book. Now almost every time Katie visits, she asks me to play the CD of "The Adventure of Sheldon the Mushroom". She just loves it!!!

                                                                                    Joann (Dover, DE)

I purchased your book [Color Struck] at the Philadelphia Free Library Festival in April 2011. I just finished reading it. It only took me a few days, although it was on my shelf for over a month. Your story was great and I truly could relate. I gave you an A+ again -- WHAT A GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!
Lynette (Philadelphia, PA)

I am Pat and met you in Collingswood at the book festival, and bought your book. I loved reading it and will read it again after my husband finishes it, as I am sure there are things I missed. You mentioned if I'd write, you would respond with the parts that are true and what is not. Also, are you Renee???? Looking forward to hearing from you.
                                                                                                  Pat (TX)

A little slow start, but finally got to read your book [Color Struck]. It was good, wonderful and incredible. I loved it. Many blessings to you.
Ann (Philadelphia, PA)

I just finished Color Struck and am listening to the Adventure...CD again as I write the email. Where to begin? I was intrigued by Color Struck and how wonderfully written it is, but more compelling to me was the tenderness and authenticity and vulnerability of the story. And, then to know it is a true family story...Wow.  I'm sure your family has treasured the story and no doubt, Grandma Doll's story has "planted a seed of strength" as you noted. I loved the story. Beautifully done, Pam.

And The delightful. Very creative. Beautiful illustrations. The CD really brings it alive. Pam, I was truly blessed today to take the time I'd been meaning to take to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy your stories.
                                                                           Therol (Harleysville, PA)


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